A downloadable game for Windows

You are the last of your clan.

A one-legged hopping ninja with an edgeless sword.

Sneak or fight your way to the goal, or play endless for ever more challenging fights.

The game has slow motion that auto-activates in close combat, but in limited quantities.
Start with 1-second, gain 1 second for each kill - make it count.

Gain an extra jump and throwing star - make them count too.
Jumps reset on touching ground.

Punching or grabbing with left hand will perform a silent takedown.

Slow motion is more effective the slower you move (similar to superhot ;) )

Controls are VR-Only:
Left hand:
-Motion: move sword
-Touchpad: jump in arc (can double jump, or more after aerial kills)

Right hand:
-Trigger: Grab/release
-Shoulder: spawn Throwing Star
-Touchpad: small jump

alt+f4 to quit

Recommend playing both adventure and endless :)


chozabu-edgelesschill-windows.zip 58 MB
Version 6 Sep 08, 2019

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